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Studio FAQs

Do you take walk ins?
Registration and payment in advance to reserve your space in class. If you cannot attend, please cancel asap. You are able to cancel a class up to 4 hours before. No shows and late cancels will not be credited.
What are your cleaning and wellness protocols?

Updated March 2022

Our teachers are fully vaccinated.  We follow all current CDC and PA guidelines.  As of March 2022, masks are optional at the center, but as situations change, we evolve with what is needed for each class and numbers in our area at the time.  

If you are not feeling well, stay home and enjoy one of our livestream or on demand classes or rest.

Safety and cleaning measures in place: We run a hepa air purifier and open the windows when possible open to allow for fresh air.

We thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces in between classes. We also have many beautiful plant friends in the studio to help the air quality.

Class sizes are limited to allow for ample space between students.

How can I access the center?
It is important to us to keep these practices accessible to all.  Please note that we are on the 2nd floor of a walk up building with 11 stairs.  If this presents a challenge, we offer virtual classes and also can make arrangements to bring the practice to you for a private or semi-private session.
Do you have props available?

We strongly recommend bringing your own mat and props. We do have blocks, blankets and bolsters available if you need to borrow. 

What is the temperature in the studio?
The temperature at the studio is not hot. Classes will be kept a few degrees above room temperature. Movement classes build their own heat and restorative classes will be kept comfy. If you tend to get cold, wear layers for your practice and dress accordingly.
Where do I park?
Please park along the Ft. Couch (front), back and bottom area of the lot during restaurant hours to leave the main part of the lot for restaurant patrons.
Are you open to sharing the space?

Absolutely! We love to collaborate and to offer many forms of mindfulness and healing arts to our community. If you are interested in sharing space at the center – we have room for Massage Therapist/Acupuncturist/CranioSacral Therapist/Reiki providers as well as yoga and mindfulness guides. If you think you would be a good fit, email us at

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Cooling Summer Ayurvedic Sips

Tastes to favor for Pitta types and in the heat of summer pitta season are sweet, bitter and astringent.  Drink these warm or at room temperature.  For strong Pitta types, they can be slightly chilled.  Iced beverages are not ayurvedically recommended...

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Tisha’s ayurvedic journey

When sharing about why I chose Ayurveda, I often use the description of going for an eye exam.  The Doctor has you look through a set of lenses and offers the phrase  “Better, worse, same?”  For me, the path of Yoga had given me a set of lenses that opened my eyes to...

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Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care Moving from extreme temperatures - inside, outside, dry heat, brisk wind, my skin takes a beating and gets chapped easily. Getting enough healthy fats into my diet can help from within. For topical help, I love to make sugar scrubs to gently slough...

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5 Tips for November

Nights are colder and longer, wind is blowing, air is drier and much like the season, we can feel the effects of these changes in our own bodies.  Some Ayurvedic reminders:   Quick morning Dinacharya (Daily Routines) Set your clock a half hour earlier so you...

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Earth & Sky Vata oil blend

Earthy, grounding, warm, sweet and sensual - the perfect blend to warm those autumn chills, fuel your creative side, smooth your frazzled edges, ease your nerves and focus your scattered mind and energy Sandalwood - alignment & inspiration, tap into what will feed...

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The Benefits of Abhyanga

In Sanskrit the word Sneha means both oil and love.  The practice of Abhyanga or Ayurvedic self massage becomes a beautiful practice of enveloping oneself in both oil and love every day.  During Vata season, which is ruled by the qualities of air, wind, movement, dry,...

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September founder letter

Hello Dear Souls, Anyone else feel like things suddenly got serious?  Earlier this week, I looked at my calendar for September and could feel my anxiety rising and my chest get tight.  It’s all for awesome stuff and still, seeing a full calendar always makes me...

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Late Summer Ayurveda Tips

August is a great time to get outside and enjoy the last full month of summer.  Foods and practices that nourish Pitta with an eye to Vata season will set you up for the transition of late summer into fall as we move from a parched summer to more crisp, clear, dry and...

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August founder letter

Taking it simple and easy this August as it very much feels like a month of transition.  A time for vacations while also thinking about schedules, school and work in the months ahead.  Maybe you’ve had a summer of travel and fun and are ready for a little more routine...

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Matcha Chia Pudding

This is a favorite recipe of mine that has many benefits this time of year.  When wet, the chia seeds have a gel-like consistency, which can soothe and coat, relieving irritation and inflammation. They are also high in fiber, helping constipation, gas and bloating...

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Tisha brings her heart, her caring and restorative energy with her interactions and her practice.



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