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Classes vary with each instructor, check out the teacher’s bio to learn more about what to expect in their classes.

Our Classes

FLOW – open level

Designed to allow you to experience flow state.  This is an athletic breath led vinyasa (to place in a special or sacred way or the linking of breath and movement) class that is rooted in the history and traditions of the practice.  Using awareness and intention to breath and movement, we spend just the right amount of time to find the shapes and our prana and flow and build.


We begin with gentle, chatturanga free movement to help us let go of the day and get grounded into our bodies.  The second half of class we practice relaxation with any of the following:  restoratives, self myofascial release or guided meditations.  

RELAX - Open Level

Typically during our days, we are very practiced in action and being on the go.  This is very stimulating to our systems and can become habit and difficult to teach our nervous systems what it feels like to be in a relaxed state.  In this class we learn techniques to help us unwind and tap into rest through pranayama (breathing) practices, meditation, journaling, reflection and restorative shapes.

CHAIR YOGA - Open Level

This is a gentle class that is designed to be done seated in a chair or using a chair or wall for support.  This is a wonderful option for anyone with mobility considerations moving from standing to seated or floor and back again, for those who have an injury or anyone who sits at a desk or for long periods of time and wants a pause to stretch, build strength and mental awareness and focus.

Fundamentals - Open Level

This class is great for beginners, those looking for a refresher in the foundations of a flow practice or those returning after an absence. Longer holds, slower pace, more instruction to help build strength and flexibility.

SACRED SUNDAY - Intermediate level

This is a vinyasa krama that builds to a peak pose or concept.  We begin with pranayama (breathing), move into flow and leave time to wind down and practice quiet and stillness to close. What to expect: Storytelling, mythology, mudra, mantra, focus from sacred texts, and philosophy are woven throughout the class.  


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