Shanti Mindfulness Center is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. 

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Tisha SamuEls, Founder

My hope for this to be a space where all can feel themselves and supported in their practice.  As we grow, we’d like to bring in a variety of teachers, class offerings and healing modalities for us all to learn from. This space was founded with the intention of not being another fitness yoga studio, rather a space to truly honor the depth of the practice. 

As the owner, I also acknowledge that these practices are not my tradition.  I am grateful for the teachers who have shared these practices with me and am humbled and honored to share them with you. 

Podcast Interview

Check out Tisha’s interview on the Sticky Situation podcast where she talks yoga, how our practice can bring us together, living our practice and more.

It’s a lovely representation of her teaching, philosophy and the heart of the center


Meet the Team

Andrea Belzer


Andrea is a Reiki Master (the highest level you can study), who has been practicing for five years. Her specialty is in helping people going through major life changes. These are times where excess energy and stress can build up. Reiki is a great tool to clear this excess.

In addition to Reiki Andrea is also trained in meditation, life coaching and hypnosis. She also holds her undergraduate degree and MBA in finance.

Reiki is an ancient form of energy work. It was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui. It is based on the idea that we all have the ability to direct the healing energy of the Universe. Once a practitioner has received training, which involves opening to universal energy, they can begin to direct that healing to others.

Reiki’s benefits include stress relief, better sleep, mental clarity and much more. There are no negative side effects. It is now used in many hospitals as a complementary therapy. Including The Cleavland Clinic, UPMC and MD Anderson Cancer Center. And recent studies have shown results from just one in person session.

Discover more of Andrea’s offerings at: http://andreabelzer.com/

Danielle Forchette


  During different stages of my life, yoga has been a source of support and challenge, strength and vulnerability, resilience and restoration. This path is one of lifelong learning, of continually coming home to the self. I invite students to join me in that exploration, seeking to honor the roots of yoga and reflecting on our connections with others. 

As a yoga teacher, I draw on over twenty years of personal practice, a commitment to accessibility and inclusion, and a background as an experiential educator. I am a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, a current student of the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy, and have eight years of experience facilitating communities of practice to foster breath, movement, and mindfulness. I strive to stay open and present with each student, meeting each right where they are, and encouraging them to welcome their full selves to the practice

Discover more of Danielle’s offerings here: https://yogawithdanielle.offeringtree.com/ 

Jaime Lee


After a first career at keyboards and on computer screens, massage therapy has been transformational for Jaime in ways that continue to unfold.

Jaime attended the Potomac Massage Training Institute in D.C., graduating in 2016 just a few months before relocating to the Pittsburgh area. Jaime’s massage practice integrates aspects of myofascial release, a variety of deep tissue and Swedish techniques, plus movement and stretching. She is also certified in prenatal/postnatal massage. In each session, the goal is to meet you where you are and support your body’s innate ability to heal, feel less pain, or move more easily, or feel more integrated and whole.

Most often, Jaime works with people who have spent much of their lives in cars and working at computers. She has also worked with musicians, pregnant people, people working through fertility journeys, people with longstanding pain from surgery or injuries, other massage therapists, people living with neurological challenges like Parkinson’s, and non-binary and trans people. Whatever you bring to the table, each massage is customized to support you and, hopefully, provide something to carry into your life between massage therapy sessions.

tisha Samuels


I am Pittsburgh born and raised and live in the South Hills. I am a student and teacher of yoga and ayurveda and use the practices of movement and restorative yoga, pranayama, mantra, meditation and ayurveda in my classes. I have a grounded and intuitive nature that flows into my classes with a focus on creative, fluid movement, intelligent sequencing, chanting, music, stories, laughter and lots of love.

In my classes expect to show up as you are, do the work and peel away the layers to get down to the center of your soul.  In addition to over a thousand hours of advanced training and years of experience, my specialties are honoring the energies and needs of the students in the room, sharing practices that bring us into balance with the seasons within and around and offering suggestions and support for personalized practice.

I am also a founding teacher and board member with Joyful Liberation Collective, a grassroots 501c3 that holds healing spaces for historically excluded communities and social justice education for all. 

What Our Students Are Saying

In practicing yoga with Tisha, I learned that yoga is a practice for the whole person, not just part of an exercise routine. The community she has cultivated is supportive, compassionate, and welcoming to all, and I am a stronger person (physically and otherwise) as a consequence of our work together. I can’t recommend this practice highly enough.



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