I looked in the Temples, Churches and Mosques, but I found the Divine in my heart. – Rumi

Yoga Chitta Vrtti Nirodha translates to “Yoga is the cessation of the flutuations of the mind.”

 Last month we contemplated Sutra 1.1 and what it means TO BEGIN.  The next Sutra 1.2, shared above, offers that we attain this state of yoga, or harmony or union, by the cessations of the fluctuations of the mind. And that in fact, it is these mind stuff (chitta) that stand between body and soul or us experiencing consciousness (divine, bliss, samadhi, liberation, enlightenment, union, higher Self.)  

In Ayurveda, the root of the pathway of the mind is in the heart.  And the pathway of the mind is the entire body.  If the idea of trying to control the mind feels challenging or daunting, perhaps approaching this concept through the tenderness of the heart may be a more compassionate route on the journey toward that peaceful state of consciousness.

For many of us, the monkey mind and ego are quick to take lead in our lives.  Albert Einstein is credited with the quote, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

As we move though our daily lives, there is much that clogs the pathway and keeps us in the mind-stuff.  These concepts can also feel extremely unfathomable when we are experiencing pain, injuries, tightness, or any other physical ailment that usually takes our attention first.  How does one begin to contemplate the more ethereal and esoteric concepts when we can’t even sit comfortably to do so?  

Remember that the intuitive mind is rooted in the heart.   The more we can allow the heart to lead and the mind to follow, we can tune into the practices that bring us to more moments of experiencing the gift of harmony residing in our hearts. 

This is why our movements, breathing, relaxation, concentration, meditation and ways of living techniques all contribute the whole of our practice.

Let’s find the tools that best help bring you back to the consciousness in the heart, to more of those moments of peace and presence.

From my heart to yours,