Tastes to favor for Pitta types and in the heat of summer pitta season are sweet, bitter and astringent.  Drink these warm or at room temperature.  For strong Pitta types, they can be slightly chilled.  Iced beverages are not ayurvedically recommended as they hinder digestive fire, instead take advantage of the cooling properties of the ingredients themselves. 

Enjoy anytime of day, but bonus pitta balancing cooling effects if sipped at the end of a scorching day, by water, under the soothing balm of the moonlight. 

Lavender, peppermint, fennel tea

Either combine tea bags of the above herbs or loose leaf in a tea ball or pouch and steep. Sweeten as desired and enjoy warm or room temperature.  Inspired by a Banyan Botanicals recipe

Pineapple Hibiscus Cooler

Steep a hibiscus tea bag in water, add pineapple juice and option to add crushed pineapples and other fruit such as mango, berries, etc 

Watermelon water

Blend cubed watermelon, mint leaves and a squeeze of lime juice in a high powered blender. Additional water can be added for desired consistency.  

Coconut water (alone or with a squeeze of lime and/or soothing aloe juice) is a great pitta hydrator 

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