When sharing about why I chose Ayurveda, I often use the description of going for an eye exam.  The Doctor has you look through a set of lenses and offers the phrase  “Better, worse, same?” 

For me, the path of Yoga had given me a set of lenses that opened my eyes to a heightened vision.  Then once I was introduced to Ayurveda, it was as if an enhanced set of lenses had been layered onto my already sharp vision.  I could no longer see the world only through the lens of Yoga, but through the two siblings, Yoga and Ayurveda.

If Yoga is our spiritual way of living, Ayurveda is the physical embodiment of that through the foods we eat and our lifestyle.  Living in harmony with the nature around us and within us.  

Within my own personal experience with Ayurveda, I’ve been able to better understand and manage my digestion with foods that complement my slow Kapha nature.  I can use Ayurvedic and Yogic tools to bring my back down to earth and focus when my Vata brain starts pinging around and floating off into a thousand threads.  I have the tools in my toolbox to help cool and soothe my Pitta nature when hot flashes start coming around.  I can understand when I need to move and get my juices flowing vs when I need to rest from overstimulation.  You get the idea.

These two ancient healing disciplines are so intertwined, they are integral in how I can best read and assist students that I have the gift of working with as well.   

I find the study fascinating and am still always amazed at how effective the tools can be.  For example, we are currently in Kapha season and I have Kapha as a predominant dosha in my constitution, made up of the elements earth and water.  The qualities of Kapha are cold, slow, heavy and unctuous.  In Ayurveda, like increase like and opposite balances.  So when in balance, kapha is stable, grounded, wise, steady, calm, gentle, graceful, loyal, loving and tolerant.  Practices to keep in balance can be shaking things up, heating things up, strong fast movement, light foods and uplifting practices.  

I am passionate about sharing these tools to help us find out more about ourselves and bring better balance within and around.








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