Earthy, grounding, warm, sweet and sensual – the perfect blend to warm those autumn chills, fuel your creative side, smooth your frazzled edges, ease your nerves and focus your scattered mind and energy

Sandalwood – alignment & inspiration, tap into what will feed you for life
Frankincense – divine magnificence, both regal & down to earth, return to your highest and natural state
Vanilla – pleasure, create with ease & grace, make room for pleasure each day
Jasmine – sacred union, birth a new creation, dance with the magic of the galaxy
Lavender – contemplation, a warm blanket of tranquility, grow spiritually by doing less not more

I will be happy to make you a blend in a roller ball (diluted) or dropper (undiluted to diffuse) to pick up at the center.

*Oil descriptions inspired from: Gifts of the Essential Oils, by Adam Barralet & Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens











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