Taking it simple and easy this August as it very much feels like a month of transition.  A time for vacations while also thinking about schedules, school and work in the months ahead.  Maybe you’ve had a summer of travel and fun and are ready for a little more routine or maybe you’ve worked all summer and feel like a rest is necessary.  Maybe it’s something else, a job change, a move, or simply more of the same grind.  My offering to you is to honor what you need, slow down, tune in and practice deep listening.  And most of all, remember to take care of yourself.  

We’ll have some schedule adjustments from early to late August as many of you head back to school and work so check the schedule.  We’ll be adding back more workshops and immersions starting in the fall, plus we’ll be celebrating our Birthda-versary in September, so stay tuned for more information about all the fun things!

Here are some quick need to knows if you just want the facts:

  • Chair Yoga – starts back up 8/9 and will be offered online now
  • Young Yogis – last class for summer is 8/8 and there are a just a couple spots left
  • Massage – Morgan is in house 8/21, 11-4:30pm for massage this month
  • Farm Yoga – last 2 classes for the season 8/6 & 8/20

If you are looking for some Pitta season support, check our other blog posts for late summer recipes and tips.

Deepest gratitude for all of your connections, practice, and support this past year and always!  You are loved, appreciated and valued more than you know.  Thank you for being a part of the Shanti Community ❤

Much love,